Saturday, March 05, 2005

My First Post. Purpose of the Blog

I'm a 28 year old amateur investor. Just because I am an amateur does not mean that I will settle for mediocre or even poor returns. I consider myself an opportunistic investor. I'll invest anywhere that I think will maximize ROI while limiting risk. I consider myself a singles and doubles investor. I tend to pick a lot of stocks that move 20-30% in the direction I'd like over a 3 month to 1 year period. Because I don't have many 10 baggers in my portfolio, I need my ideas to be sound and my win % to be high. The primary purpose of this site is to lay out my investment ideas (both long and short) and the rationale behind each of these positions. My watch list will usually contain 10-20 stocks. Some of these I have positions in and others I am considering intitiation should certain circumstances occur. The profiles of these stocks will vary in depth but I will try to provide insight and points for you to consider. I will let you know when I update my watch list. I will also let you know whick stocks on the list I have positions in. Nothing on this site is a recommendation to buy or sell any security. You are responsible for your own actions. I encourage your feedback about anything I post here. If you disagree with my conclusions, tell me why. If you have a stock I should look at, let me know what it is and why I should look at it. I'll also post interesting macroeconomic and general investment articles that I come across. Thanks and Good Luck.


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