Sunday, April 24, 2005

WebSide Story (WSSI), Omniture, Coremetrics

I work in the marketing department for a direct marketing firm. Over the past week or so, we have had product demo's from the big 3 in website analytics. Here are some of my findings. Note that I am coming at this from a marketing users perspective. I don't work in IT (thank God). Also, this comes off the top of my head. If there are any errors, sorry.

  • The functionality of all 3 is similar. The interface of each is different but it is possible to answer many of the direct marketer's questions on all 3 tools.
  • The most user-friendly interface probably comes from Omniture.
  • Omniture positions themselves as the premium product in the industry. They have clients like HP, WMT, OSTK, EBAY. On a ppt slide, they claim 100% growth/yr in the past 4 years. They also claim 99% client retention (seems like a stretch to me). If I recall, WSSI talks about a 90% figure.
  • Omniture and WSSI present more of a one size fits all product whereas Coremetrics seems to target certain verticals (retail, financial).
  • I'm an Excel guy so the Excel plug in features are important to me. I'd rate WSSI #1 here and Omniture #2. I don't know what Coremetrics has here (if anything). I didn't see their Excel features in the demo.
  • Segmentation is a new, exciting feature for these companies. Omniture is probably a bit better that WSSI/Coremetrics with their feature that allows you to track segments "forward" as well as "backward" (for as long as you have the tool).
  • WSSI comes up with an all inclusive pricing situation and Coremetrics is pretty much all-inculsive as well. Omniture has a lot of add ons (segmentation). On an apples to apples basis, Coremetrics and Omniture would cost 15-30% more than WSSI.
  • For my company, we'll probably go with Omniture if we can get the funds but WSSI would be an acceptable #2.
  • From an investment perspective, what I saw from WSSI is encouraging. Sub $10 I'm very likely to get in. I believe they can achieve a 20%+ CAGR over the next few years.


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