Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I'm done with SONT

I sold my Sontra Medical today right around $1.25 and took my loss. I still find the technology promising but I've lost all faith in the CEO. First, the co. turns in very weak sonoprep numbers in the mrq. Secondly, during the most recent conf. call, the CEO took the $1 million 4q sales number off the table. Thirdly, also during the most recent cc, the CEO stated that hepatitis A and flu vaccine results would be available in the 3q. With 10 days left in the q, nothing has been reported. And finally, CEO Davison has reiterated on the past 2 cc's that the co. would receive a $3 million payment from BAY in regards to the development of the continuous non-invasive glucose monitor, by the end of q3. Again, nothing has been issued with 10 days to go. I've had enough.


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